Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia founded the Hotmail (the first web mail server). After that it was obtained by Microsoft and renamed to Outlook.com. It is the best email service used by a large audience all over the globe. Hotmail gives an extensive number of features like sending and receiving emails, voicemails, send audio and video, chat, and many more. It allows us to use an unlimited storage. Hotmail is an easy to use and intuitive mail server, which is specially designed for personal or business communication. It is also referred as Windows mail or MSN and Outlook. But sometimes, user may face some technical issues when using Hotmail Account. You can immediately resolve these issues just by contacting Hotmail Customer Service Number. It provides best and dependable solution to their customers.

Common technical issues of Hotmail account

There are various customers who are facing technical issues in Hotmail. However, you do not have to go anywhere to find the solution of such sort of issues. Hotmail Customer Service Number gives immediate troubleshooting steps for issues related to Hotmail like:

  • Unable to access the Hotmail account
  • Not able to send or receive mail
  • Setup with the POP3/IMAP account
  • Unblock Hotmail account
  • Unable to configure Hotmail account
  • Hotmail email recovery/Backup
  • Hotmail is not responding
  • Problems in creating a new Hotmail account
  • Issues related hacked Hotmail account
  • Hotmail Forgot password
  • Hotmail sign-in mobile problem
  • Recover Hotmail account
  • Unable to attach the file while using Hotmail

Benefits of dialing the Hotmail Customer Service Number

Are you dealing with Hotmail technical issues? So, where you can discover the solution to those issues? Don’t worry. Hotmail Customer Service Number is one of the best ways to get the best solution for technical issues related to Hotmail accounts. Following are some of the points show that why you should call us to resolve Hotmail issues:

  1. Hotmail support is available 24*7. So, get the solution to any issue at any time.
  2. Skilled and certified experts provide the best solution to your problems.
  3. Here you get the information or guidance about a number of Hotmail errors.
  4. Hotmail Phone Number is settling customer issues by remote access, by phone call or by live chatting
  5. Our support service offers the most effective ways to resolve the online problems regarding Hotmail.